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Cherchen Man is a singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist based in the U.K.
From a mixed Turk/Asian background. His music style ranges from Middle Eastern, Asian, African, Celtic and Flamenco. His compositions bring together a variety of different cultures into one.

With roots in Central Asia, where east meets west, and the Uyghurs reside, his desire to bond different cultures with music began from an early age, believing that music can connect us all, no matter our background or ethnicity.

The Cherchen Man is a story of mystery from the ancient world of the Taklimakan Desert, Tarim Basin. The name Cherchen Man has been adopted as it represents a world of unity.


Growing up with a music education based on the 12 Mukam, a famous collection of Uyghur traditional music that combines a variety of world rhythms and melodies. – It’s inevitable that the rich sounds of the desert are whisked up in the echo of mountain peaks and brought to you in the music of Cherchen Man.

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